Who was Guido?

Doctor, surfer, seminarian, and very dedicated son of God. By offering his medicine to the poor assisted by the Missionaries of Charity sisters, and especially after reading the book "Brother Francis of Assisi," he decided to leave everything behind to follow the strong call to priesthood, founded several prayer groups, and was a tireless preacher of the Word of God. Wherever he went, he spread his great love for Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and our Holy Church among people. He didn't waste a single minute, dragging young people to God through his life testimony and his deep and radical search for holiness. He was in his last year of seminary when he was called by God to be even closer to Him.
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Servant of God, Son of the Church, Friend of Men

Holy Card

Dear God, our Lord,

who through the life of Venerable Guido Schäffer,
taught us, by his example and missionary fervor,
to throw ourselves into the sea of faith,
allow us, through his testimony
as a young man, a doctor, a seminarist and a surfer,
to announce Your Word with renewed fervor
and through his intercession
reach the grace we request (ask for grace)
so that we may one day have
the joy of seeing him elevated to the glory of altars.
Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Virgin Mary, Mother of Pure Love, pray for us.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.


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Guido Schäffer Association

We have formed this organization in order to spread the knowledge of the life and work of Guido as a model of Christian living.
We are lay volunteers, priests, religious, Guido’s friends and people who fell in love with the cause.


Associação Cultural Católica Guido Schäffer
IBAN BR88 6074 6948 0021 3000 0002 224C 1
CNPJ 18.418.486/0001-48
Banco Bradesco (237)
Agência 0213-5
Conta Corrente 222-4